T-DOC Service & Support

T-DOC service and support solutions give you the full benefit of your T-DOC system in all phases of implementation and production, resulting in increased uptime and disruption-free production at a fixed maintenance cost.

T-DOC professional service agreements are available in four levels, all designed to assure trouble-free use of your T-DOC system, thus maximizing your production uptime. Depending on the level you choose, you can get easy access to T-DOC hotline support and T-DOC online, as well as T-DOC remote connection support. Support priorities and the speed of guaranteed response times also vary according to the level chosen, and some levels optimize the use of T-DOC by always providing you the latest updated version.

The four levels of T-DOC professional service agreements are: T-DOC Platinum Service: top-of-the-line 24/7 T-DOC service support with shortest response times, yearly 2-day on-site visits and T-DOC hardware service; T-DOC Gold Service: premium T-DOC service support with shorter response times, a yearly on-site visit, and T-DOC hardware service; T-DOC Silver Service: advanced T-DOC service support, updates & upgrades, and a yearly system health check; and T-DOC Bronze Service: basic T-DOC service support.

Click here to access: T-DOC Support Web*

*Please be aware that access to T-DOC Support Web and Communities is restricted. These sites are for T-DOC customers with a T-DOC service agreement only. To gain access, please contact your local T-DOC representative at sales@T-DOC.com.