Finding the right solution

Getinge's solutions for sterile processing departments/CSSDs (Central Sterile Supply Department) optimize the entire flow of goods with the highest standards of infection control – from the moment they've been used until they're removed from their sterile packs, ready to be used again.

Shorter turn-around times

All equipment and accessories are combined in the most efficient, ergonomic and economical circulation systems of sterile goods – with shorter turn-around times and a better work situation in the sterile department. The result is optimization of your hospital's resources, both in terms of budgets and staff.

But assuring cost-efficient sterile processing takes a lot more than just the right equipment. That's why Getinge's complete solutions also include architectural planning, training, traceability, service & support and consumables.

What our customers say:

"The challenge is to guarantee the right supply to the OR at all times without having to safeguard with costly over-capacity of equipment and instruments. Getinge helps keep costs down while ensuring the right production level."