Traceability – Take command of your operations

Getinge T-DOC handles all aspects of instrument management, giving you a real-time overview of all your instruments and related supplies, and allowing you to optimize investments and insure the overall high quality level of your hospital operations.

Perfect planning and optimization of instruments

Getinge T-DOC is a system for streamlining your operations by enabling you to organize and interconnect doctors, procedures, patients and instruments and other sterile goods.

And you can automatically verify whether instruments are available at the requested delivery time , which allows you to implement just-in-time principles and base orders on specific doctor preferences. Detailed reporting is also possible, as historic operation data is available through T-DOC.

What our customers say:

"The customized interface to T-DOC enables us to create dynamic case carts based on data from patients, operating rooms and other special requirements from our surgeons. As all information is gathered in T-DOC, this has helped us to improve the information flow between our departments significantly."