Fighting hospital-acquired infections (HAI)

Despite today's modern hospitals and medical advances, cases of HAI (hospital-acquired infections) are increasing worldwide. HAI causes suffering for affected patients, legal problems, extra costs for extended hospital stays, and thus lower overall healthcare capacity.

Most infections are spread among patients by direct or indirect contact via items used in routine care, often unknowingly by hand contact with healthcare staff. But with careful consideration of infection control at the earliest possible stage, combined with well-thought-out hygiene routines and the right disinfection equipment, many of these problems can be stopped before they arise.

Equipment and more

Getinge not only offers state-of the art washer-disinfectors, sterilizers and accessories, we supply complete efficient, economical solutions for wards and out-patient clinics, with everything from workflow planning to storage and accessories. We also provide training, service & support and consumables.

Good ergonomics

Achieving a good ergonomic environment for wards and out-patient clinics not only promotes a smooth and safe workflow, but it also enables a greater patient turnover with subsequent reduction in costs.