SafeStep Quality Assurance System

  • Optimize patient and staff safety
  • Unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
  • Discover contamination in 15 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly - at least 20% less plastic than comparable systems
  • Lightweight

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The Getinge Assured SafeStep Quality Assurance System verifies the cleanliness of surfaces, endoscopes and cannulated instruments in just 15 seconds. HAI's – healthcare associated infections – continue to flourish, despite dedicated efforts to reduce them, potentially compromising patient and staff safety. In fact, the most innocent of surfaces can carry high levels of contamination that can lead to HAI's.

By detecting ATP (adenosine triphophate), SafeStep gives you the testing power to minimze HAI's and optimize patient and staff safety.

Technical data

SafeStep Handheld Unit
Quick results - just 15 seconds
Sealed unit to protect against splashes and the environment
Battery powered (lasts up to 3000+ tests)
SafeStep Test Swabs
User-friendly; all-in-one sampling test
Green - 20% less plastic than similar products
Write-on swab label
12-month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures
SafeStep Test Sponges
Simple, quick and user-friendly
Various sizes to meet the channel diameter of your endoscope or cannulated instrument ranging from 1mm - 5mm
Flexible wand that allows for easy maneuvering through complex internal channels of endoscopes and cannulated instruments
SafeStep Software
By transferring data to the SafeStep Software program database, you have a permanent record that proper cleaning and disinfectino have been achieved
Generate reports and graphs to analyze data and trends
Identify problem areas allowing you to take corrective action
Data allows you to improve established workplace hygiene protocols
Proof - evidence of due diligence

Ordering Information

Description - Handheld Unit Catalog Number
SafeStep Handheld Unit with Software 61301606628
SafeStep Handheld Unit without Software 61301606663
Description - Test Swabs (100/box) Catalog Number
SafeStep Test Swabs (100/box) 61301606629
Description - Test Sponges (100/box) Catalog Number
SafeStep 1mm Test Sponges 61301606630
SafeStep 1.5mm Test Sponges 61301606631
SafeStep 2mm Test Sponges 61301606632
SafeStep 3mm Test Sponges 61301606633
SafeStep 4mm Test Sponges 61301606634
SafeStep 5mm Test Sponges 61301606635


Product brochure

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Sales flyer

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SafeStep Swab Certificate of Conformance

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ATP-Based Contamination Monitoring vs. Biofilm and Bioburden CEU Booklet

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Other material

SafeStep Updated Guidance Technical Bulletin

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SafeStep Water Swab IFU

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Getinge Assured SafeStep Water Swab SDS

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SafeStep Water Swab Product Specifications

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