Automated cage and bedding handling systems

  • Dedication: DETACH specializes in bedding management, cage washing and automation for the laboratory animal research market.
  • Innovation: Animal care takes place within a multifaceted, dynamic environment where technical evolution is constant. An innovative and open minded approach is necessary as we face this evolution. DETACH takes pride in realizing new thoughts for improvement together with our clients.

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Getinge, in partnership with Detach AB, offers a complete solution for cage processing in bio-medical research, combining Detach AB's automated systems technology with Getinge's cleaning and decontamination systems.

The collaboration deals with a very specific part of biomedical research: emptying, decontamination / cleaning and refilling of cages. Cages must be cleaned regularly, a task that used to be carried out manually, thereby exposing staff to contaminants, allergens and possible infections in the cage bedding material. Detach was first – in 1996 – to introduce a fully automatic system for cage and bedding management. One or more industrial robots empty the cages and place them in a washer. After cleaning and decontamination, the robots refill the cages with bedding and place them in the designated location for collection. This type of automated system reduces staff exposure to allergens by 99%. The collaboration aims to provide safe, ergonomic and efficient systems for your animal care facility or vivarium.


Bedding and diet management

Efficient and clean reprocessing of cages requires safe, reliable management of bedding material. Detach and Getinge provide a total solution for cage processing. Read more about about bedding and diet management...


The living and breeding areas you use for your animals must be controlled environments with safe, clean conditions that will protect both the animals and your staff. Detach and Getinge offer a total solution for automated cage and bedding handling in vivariums. Read more about vivariums...