Bedding dispensers

BD-2000, BD-3600 & BD-4800

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • High speed filling of animal cages
  • Stand alone or conveyor system
  • Adjustable dispense rate
  • Dust control filter system or options depending on model

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Bedding Dispensers are designed for precise, high speed filling of animal cages with fresh bedding materials. They can dispense bedding through a chute from a stand alone unit or automatically as part of a converyorized system with cages discharged from a tunnel washer. The rate of dispensing can be adjusted depending on the type of unit either via an adjustable timer or the dispenser drive control located on the control panel.

Technical data

Model: BD 2000 BD 3600 BD 4800
Type: Stand alone unit Converyorized unit Converyorized unit
External height: 92" 64 1/2" 64 1/2"
External width: 40" 83" 95"
External depth: 31 1/2" 96" 96"
Conveyor belt height: na 30" 30"
Conveyor belt width: na 36" 48"
Tunnel opening: na 10" 10"


Product specification

Getinge TBJ Bedding Dispenser 2000

[ EN-US ]

Getinge TBJ Bedding Dispenser 3600 and 4800

[ EN-US ]