GMP Wash Racks

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Getinge offers standard and customizable rack options for the GEW washer-drye models. Racking solutions to accomodate many types of components and applications are available including: glassware, carboys, small items, spinner flasks, filter cartridges, pressure cans, measuring cylinders, hoppers, valves, valve connections, hoses, filling line parts and any other item commonly found within the primary and secondary operations from the Biopharma production process.

Getinge GMP wash racks use 316L stainless steel and PTFE in their design. They are sloped for drainability and potential dead leg zones are removed as zero threads are used in their design to prevent water retention.

Standard and customizable racks are available. For validated cleaning and drying in GMP washers, process fluids must reach all areas of the item being cleaned. Getinge's skilled designers combine years of experience with portable CAD/CAM equipment to gather precise digital data – on site – to customize the geometry of your wash loads in GMP wash racks to fit your specific pharmaceutical production needs.

Getinge additionally offers the Modular Rack system. This new rack concept provides a modular design using customized inserts to achieve load interchangeability. When processing a new product, simply add a new insert, not a complete rack, saving you time and money.



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