DPTE® Rapid Transfer Port System

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DPTE® Rapid Transfer Port System

The transfer of material into and out of isolators requires specific technologies. Getinge is the originator and manufacturer of the DPTE® system, also known as RTP or Alpha-Beta transfer ports. This transfer solution was invented by La Calhène and is now widely used for transfer of aseptic or toxic products in isolators or RABS systems.

The DPTE® transfer system enables the user to introduce material into, or to extract material from a closed barrier, or to connect two devices with identical environments (e.g. isolators) without affecting their ambient characteristics. The DPTE® system is based on the interaction of two separate units – "Alpha" and "Beta" – each fitted with a door, a lock and a sealing function. The Alpha unit is mounted on a support (e.g. an isolator surface), while the Beta unit is movable and seals off a container, a transfer isolator or any other suitable device.

  • DPTE® Alpha

    The DPTE® Alpha port is the core of the transfer system that La Calhène created over 50 years ago. The DPTE® system provides bi-directional containment without intermediate bio-decontamination.


    The DPTE® BetaBag is the integration of the DPTE Beta flange and a bag for isolated transfer of sterile products or waste material.

  • DPTE® Containers

    Getinge offers a wide range of DPTE® Beta flange containers made of polyethylene or stainless steel, that can be used for many applications such as sterilization by steam, sterilization by autoclave or toxic products.