Glove Leak Testers - GLT

Models: GLT, GLT2

  • Fast and simple to perform
  • Can detect perforations not visible to the naked eye
  • The glove is docked and sealed on the testing chamber at the hand cuff level
  • The GLT is portable and can be moved from glove to glove.
  • A special extension enables reaching gloves at higher levels

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Isolator gloves constitute the most vulnerable link in the containment barrier. As such, they need to be monitored for leaks and failures as part of a routine maintenance program. Getinge's two generations of Glove Leak Testers GLT and GLT2 test gloves during the use of an isolator.

Our Glove Leak Tester systems allow "in-situ" glove testing without breaking the absolute barrier. They can be used for isolators working in positive pressure or negative pressure and are capable of detecting a glove perforation not visible to the naked eye (100µm). The first generation of GLT works by exposing the glove to a reference negative pressure and then monitoring the presence of Oxygen. The test may be performed during the operation of the isolated process.

Getinge La Calhène developed the second generation GLT2, to cover the need for testing gloves with sleeves. The system works by monitoring pressure changes and is performed either before or after the operation of the isolated process. Multiple glove-sleeves (up to 6) can be tested at the same time. GLT2 is equipped with a printer to provide traceability as your tests can printed out for your records.

Technical data

Technical Features

A transparent plastic cylinder (with an orifice for the glove cuff ring) mounted on an adjustable pole

A control panel

An oxygen analyzer

A test kit for calibrating the apparatus

An inert gas connection (Staübli type)

A 3 m recoiling electrical cable

An RS232 interface for a printer

Electrical supply: 230/115V, 50/60 Hz


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Sterility testing

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