ISOTEST Isolators


  • Ergonomic operation for 1-2 operators
  • Unbroken integrity / sterility when transferring goods in and out of the isolator
  • Operator protection against both samples and filters
  • Integrated H2O2 sterlizer
  • Single user interface for isolator and sterilizer

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Sterility testing is the most critical test before the release of a BioPharma product batch. One of our solutions is the ISOTEST, an isolator which has been specifically designed for this sterility test application, with a continuous work flow thanks to the integrated hatch with separate bio-decontamination, thus providing fast access and short bio-decontamination cycles.

Getinge's ISOTEST provides control of the entire Sterility Testing process. The Siemens PLC control permits easy navigation and minimizes operator errors. This system provides full traceability with monitoring and recording of process parameters.

With optimized air flow management for both positive pressure control and aeration, the Getinge ISOTEST offers energy efficiencies. Leak tightness and safety of the operators are guaranteed thanks to the automatic leak testing procedure for the decontamination airlock and for the whole work area. Additionaly it has ergonomic design to help increase productivity.


Sterility testing

Getinge ISOTEST Isolators play a key role in mandatory sterility testing required in GMP production areas. Read more about Sterility testing...


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