Transfer Leak Testers - TLT

  • Leak test performed with a pressure decay method
  • Allows testing of all DPTE container diameters from 105 to 350mm
  • Test records with operator and container identification, test data and results

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The DPTE® Beta part can be tested in-situ before each transfer. The Transfer Leak Tester system (TLT), housed in a stainless steel case with casters, provides leak testing of DPTE® containers quickly and efficiently both before and after connection. DPTE® containers, used for intermediate storage between two process operations or for processes with crucial temperature constraints (autoclave containers, fluent steam containers etc.) must be absolutely leaktight. The TLT system, in less than 5 minutes, prior to or after the production cycles, provides a check of the integrity of the DPTE® transfer systems comparable to the checks for other key devices such as membrane filters. The principle is very quick as it simply consists of measuring the pressure increase after connection of the DPTE® onto the vacuum chamber.


Aseptic filling

DPTE Betas are important to the transfer of sterile goods during the Aseptic filling process. Transfer Leak Testers ensure the integrity of the containers before and after connection. Read more about Aseptic filling...

Sterility testing

Sterility testing requires a sterile environment. To maintain that environment DPTE Containers must be leak tight. To ensure their integrity Transfer Leak Testers are required. Read more about Sterility testing...



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