GEB Steam Sterilizers

GEB 600, GEB 900, GEB Large Series

  • Unique gas-tight barrier system (bioseal) available for high-risk labs, with third-party (notified body) certification.
  • Door locking system available for chamber doors which maintains door integrity without the need for sealing media.
  • System for decontamination of the chamber and piping of the unit before service or in case of malfunction.
  • Single or dual sterile filter (patented solution) or incinerator as drain barrier. In-line testing of filters available.
  • Static bridge plate for direct floor-loading of racks without manual intervention
  • Wide range of options for adaptation to required Bio Safety Level and specific application and Bio Safety Level.
  • Double bioseal facing the hot side is available for redundancy and possibility to integrity test the barrier. (Patent Pending)
  • Dual bioseal, one on each side of the chamber is available to maintain and separate rooms of different classifications and the technical area.

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Getinge provides bio-containment sterilizer systems for bio-safety facilities, and sterilization and containment for laboratories. The Getinge GEB Steam Sterilizer Series is designed to meet the needs of laboratories and research facilities for sterilization and decontamination. The standardized range of dedicated biocontainment autoclaves are specially designed for use in BSL 3 and 4 facilities. Bio-containment suites need autoclaves for sterilization of media andequipment and decontamination of waste material. The pathogenic nature of the waste material from such facilities coupled with the use of the autoclave as a barrier between the facility and the outside world places special requirements on the autoclave design and processes used.

GEB Steam Sterilizers are available in chamber sizes ranging from 0.3 to 17 m3 and all models are available with one or two doors. Featuring a hermetic bioseal, other options include a passive door gasket which does not rely on utilities to maintain door seal integrity, and a validated incinerator for exhaust air sterilization.

Technical data

Getinge GEB Model 6610 6613 6910 6915
Chamber Volume (L) 452 587 618 952
Chamber Width (mm) 660 660 660 660
Chamber Height (mm) 672 672 920 920
Chamber Depth (mm) 1000 1300 1000 1540
Getinge GEB Model 91415 92222 122222 182222
Chamber Volume (L) 2010 4356 6050 8857
Chamber Width (mm) 870 870 1220 1800
Chamber Height (mm) 1450 2200 2200 2200
Chamber depth (mm) 1540 2200 2200 2200


Loading Equipment

A complete range of loading equipment is available both for pit- and floor-mounted sterilizers.

Sterilizer with chamber floor above floor level
Shelf racks with adjustable shelf spacing available. Stainless steel wheels on stainless steel rails mounted on the chamber floor help to provide easier movement.

The same type of rails are also available for mounting on outside stands to match chamber floor height. Or you can use a loading trolley with matching rails and height, making it possible to move the shelf racks around your facility.

Pit-mounted sterilizers with the chamber floor at floor level
The same kind of rail system and shelf racks can be used for this installation as well. In this case the outside rails are mounted directly on the outside floor.

Racks are available in different designs and customized versions to match load requirements. Loading trolleys that can be used freely outside the sterilizer are also available. To make loading easier, guide rails can be fitted both outside and inside the sterilizer. Alternatively, bumper rails can be mounted on the sterilizer walls.


A wide range of packaging equipment is available including boxes, wire trays and sealers.


Vivarium applications

Vivariums require biocontainment sterilization for the wastes created in the research processes. GEB Steam Sterizers provide biocontainment sterilization in the vivarium. Read more about vivarium applications...

Waste handling

GEB Steam Sterilizers provide sterilization for biohazardous waste created by animal research facilities. Read more about biocontainment waste handling...

Waste treatment in vaccine production

Vaccine production produces waste material that is biohazardous requiring decontamination. GEB Steam Sterilizers provide the sterilization of this waste. Read more about waste treatment in vaccine production...



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