Getinge BioPharma Series Steam Sterilizers

600, 900, Large Series

  • Sanitary stainless steel piping
  • Cross-contamination or gas-tight barrier (Bioseal)
  • Jacket cooling with optional fan helps assure both product and operator safety
  • Getinge's own control system, specially developed for sterilization applications (choice of world-leading PLC brands Siemens or Allen Bradley)
  • Manufactured according to intended application guidelines/standards and country of installation
  • Project handling and products in line with current regulations and guidelines, e.g. cGMP, GAMP etc.

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Getinge BioPharma Steam Sterilizers are based on compatible modular units that can be integrated and installed to form a complete solution based on your application requirements. Getinge BioPharma sterilizers offer a wide range of chamber sizes (more than 280 models with 24 chamber sizes), and are fleixible with more than 80 design options available. From QA laboratory use to large scale pharmaceutical production, we have a Sterilizer to fit your needs. We offer a comprehensive variety of core features designed to provide safety, functionality and reliability.

A sterilization system represents a large capital investment. Produced in an ISO 9001-certified facility, Getinge steam sterilizers are designed and built to meet the world's highest standards of quality. Leading edge construction techniques and use of high-grade materials ensures the longevity of these units. The unique sectional jacket adds strength and rigidity to the chamber, and robotic welding virtually eliminates defects. The resulting construction ensures a long lifetime with even the most rigorous use to safeguard your investment.

Getinge BioPharma Series Sterilizers provide steam sterilization for components and equipment as well as for container closures such as rubber stoppers and plungers which are vital to parenteral packaging. Programming for many applications including stopper processing, which generally clean, sterility and drying of these products that are a functional part of the drug administration system.

Technical data

Getinge Model 666 6610 6613 6617
Chamber Volume (L) 298 452 587 768
Chamber Width (mm) 660 660 660 660
Chamber Height (mm) 672 672 672 672
Chamber Depth (mm) 660 1000 1300 1700
Getinge Model 6910 6915 71415 91415
Chamber Volume (L) 618 952 1563 2010
Chamber Width (mm) 660 660 670 870
Chamber Height (mm) 920 920 1450 1450
Chamber Depth (mm) 1000 1540 1540 1540
Getinge Model 92222 122222 182222 182242
Chamber Volume (L) 4356 6050 8857 16909
Chamber Width (mm) 870 1220 1800 1800
Chamber Height (mm) 2200 2200 2200 2200
Chamber Depth (mm) 2200 2200 2200 4200


Loading Equipment

Complete range of loading equipment both for pit- and floor-mounted sterilizers.
Loading equipment can also be customized to meet special requirements.

Sterilizer with chamber floor above floor level:

Shelf racks with adjustable shelf spacing are available.
Stainless steel wheels on stainless steel rails mounted on the chamber floor help to provide easier movement. The same type of rails are also available for mounting on outside stands to match chamber floor height. Or you can use a loading trolley with matching rails and height, making it possible to move the shelf racks around your facility.

Pit-mounted sterilizers with the chamber floor at floor level:

The same kind of rail system and shelf racks can be used for this installation as well. In this case the outside rails are mounted directly on the outside floor.

Racks are available in different designs and customized versions to match load requirements.
Shelf trolleys that can be used freely outside the sterilizer are also available. To make loading easier, guide rails can be fitted both outside and inside the sterilizer. Alternatively, bumper rails can be mounted on the sterilizer walls.


Integral clean steam generator, electrical or steam-powered.

Complete range of loading equipment both for pit- and floor-mounted sterilizers.

A wide range of packaging equipment, e.g. boxes, wire trays, sealers etc.


Closure processing

Getinge Sterilizers can be used for Closure Processing, with solutions for sterilizing rubber stoppers and plungers. Read more about Closure Processing...

Component & equipment processing

Everything that comes in contact with pharmaceutuical products must be thoroughly sterilized to prevent the risk of contamination. Getinge Sterilizers perform sterilization of equipment and components from these processes. Read more about Component & Equipment Processing...