GEV Steam/Air Mixture Sterilizers

GEV 600, GEV 900, GEV TS

  • Smooth production flow
  • Support pressure for optimal performance with both rigid and delicate packaging
  • Uniform heating and cooling
  • Products emerge cool and dry - ready for further processing
  • Numerous customization options
  • GEV TS Turbo high performance models available

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Getinge GEV Series Sterilizers (ventilator terminal sterilizers) are designed primarily for sterilizing products that must be dry and ready for further handling immediately after the cooling phase. The Getinge GEV Sterilizers use steam/air mixtures for sterilization. The features built into the GEV Sterilizers allow the user to define program and processing parameters best suited to particular types of packaged pharmaceuticals. The products in the chamber may be heated with hot air at the start of the cycle before steam is used to minimize condensation and shorten the drying phase.

The GEV Series offers a wide range of chamber capacities, single or double door (pass through) models, service area on either side of the chamber and can be mounted in a cabinet, recessed between two walls or in a cabinet within a wall. Clean steam supply is optional with a built in generator or can be sourced externally.

The GEV TS Turbo series offers additional features to provide higher performance and process control to help increase productivity. RadiCool is a heat exchanger located near the fan to provide 65% more heat exchange area. This allows for faster cooling, decreasing process time and increasing production throughput. The SmartAir option allows for selection of vertical or horizontal air flow (based on product/rack design) and angled slots to ensure flow according to shelf pitch. This allows for temperature uniformity throughout the process, ensuring product integrity and quality.

Getinge Terminal Sterilization builds on our vast experience in sterilization of pharmaceutical products as well as many types of parenteral and ophthalmic products and medical devices.

Technical data

Getinge GEV TS Model 111212 111225 111237 111250
Chamber Volume (L) 1675 3350 5025 6700
Chamber Width (mm) 1105 1105 1105 1105
Chamber Height (mm) 1203 1203 1203 1203
Chamber Depth (mm) 1260 2520 3780 5040
Getinge GEV TS Model 121625 121637 121650 121663
Chamber Volume (L) 5070 7604 10139 12674
Chamber Width (mm) 1255 1255 1255 1255
Chamber Height (mm) 1603 1603 1603 1603
Chamber Depth (mm) 2520 3780 5040 6300
Getinge GEV TS Model 141825 141837 141850 141863
Chamber Volume (L) 6525 9788 13051 16313
Chamber Width (mm) 1405 1405 1405 1405
Chamber Height (mm) 1843 1843 1843 1843
Chamber Depth (mm) 2520 3780 5040 6300


Terminal sterilization

GMP regulations stipulate terminal sterilization of parenteral products after packageing. Getinge GEV Series and GEV TS Series sterilizers provides solutions for terminal sterilization of your products. Read more about terminal sterilization...