STERSTAR 2 E-beam Tub Surface Sterilizers


  • Getinge STERSTAR 2
  • High- speed in-line surface decontamination tunnel
  • Compact, self-shielded unit with GMP housing
  • No residues, no recontamination, room temperature treatment
  • Modular plug-and-play equipment
  • Reliable 200 keV KeVAC low energy accelerators
  • Complete process integration with upstream and downstream equipment

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Getinge developed the STERSTAR 2 system in response to an emerging demand in the pharmaceutical industry, in conformity wih GMP regulations, to provide surface sterilization. This inline unit was the result of new requirements issued by clients. Electron beam technology is based on specially designed, low energy electron accelerators. Electrons sufficiently penetrate while preserving the mechanical features of the packaging and its contents. Sterility is imperative to ensure the safety of parenterals and injectable drugs.

The STERSTAR 2 sterilization tunnel uses an electron beam to ensure that no microorganisms enter the clean zone when tubs containing pre-sterilized syringes are inserted for fast filling at up to 36,000 units per minute. With E-beam technology, you can transfer heat-sensitive (plastic) pre-sterilized materials continuously, at high speed, into an aseptic area.


Tub surface sterilization

Getinge La Calhène developed the STERSTAR 2, E-beam sterilization system provides efficient tub surface sterilization with integration into an aseptic area, e.g. filling line under isolator.. Read more about tub surface sterilization...



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