Biomedical Research

Clean environments for humans and animals are essential for uncompromised biomedical research. Getinge's solutions and expertise can help you achieve this.

Working with integrity

The integrity of scientific data produced in modern biomedical research facilities is of paramount importance to those who work in them and run them. Publishing and sharing of results in the global scientific community requires that experimental data is reliable and not compromised by external factors or erroneous influences.

Safe and protected

This ever-present need dictates that research facilities, particularly the living environments of animals, is clean and contamination-free. Research animals represent great value – both in terms of expense and time invested – and need to be protected from the environment and each other.

It's equally important that the environment, as well as the researchers and technicians working in the facilities, are protected.

With a comprehensive array of technologies, systems, products and know-how, Getinge can offer expert assistance in contamination prevention for your biomedical research facility and viviarium. And thanks to our global network of sales and service companies, we can assist and support you anywhere.